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Hot Air Productions offers a wide range of video services to meet your every need

Our Video Services

Videos that move hearts and build your customer base

With top-quality film equipment and years of experience, we create videos for every situation.

  • Pre-Production


    Everything required before shooting starts, including -Reviewing the concept with our clients to discover what they want to tell -Creating the idea, pitch, plot, script, and design -Scouting for shooting locations -Finding talent -Scheduling shoot dates -Getting all the required paperwork and legal permissions -Renting gear -And much more

  • Production


    We handle everything involved with production except for the special effects, including -Showing up with the crew -Shooting the content, B-roll -Providing professional, high-quality equipment -Leveraging our huge network of talented actors and locations to get the telling shot just right -Providing world-class quality with every shot

  • Post-Production


    We can provide all the services to take your video from raw footage to finished product, including  -Editing the footage to pull the story all together -Refining the footage to make it look perfect -Making it all flow together -Grading the color, adding visual effects -Making the audio broadcast ready.  We can handle one or all of your post-production services

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