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The Magic to Move Hearts

Through powerful videos, your brand will come alive.

You want to move people to act, to buy, to change their minds? At Hot Air Productions, we make videos that inspire people to act.

Video Services That Make Your Brand Story Come Alive

From commercials to feature-length films—and everything in between

Whether it’s a music video, a commercial, a demo video, or even a film, we tell stories as they deserve to be told. Let our gifted filmmaker and crew tell yours.



No matter the task you set out to do, a video can help you get your point across. We create videos for a variety of clients. Here are just a few of the clients for whom we’ve created effective videos.

What our clients say

What some recent clients say about their experience with Hot Air Productions

Our clients' success is our purpose. That's why we're thrilled when they enjoy the Hot Air Productions experience.

Brandon Vega

I was really impressed with the way Hot Air Productions handled everything. From the first conversation to everything in between, they were very helpful and knowledgable.

Brandon Vega

Operations Lead, General Entropy

Chris Wei

Hot Air Productions was the missing piece to my puzzle. From start to finish, they solved every problem and helped us achieve our goals in the most professional way possible.

Chris Wei

Founder and CEO, Fair Market Barn

Karen Weiss

Using Hot Air Productions helped me save weeks of work. Their delightful level of quality and service is consistent and one of a kind. I can't recommend Hot Air Productions enough.

Karen Weiss

Technical Director, Business Associates LLC

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